Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Alright so, if you hadn't noticed I put all my sims projects on hiatus. The main reasons being lack of inspiration and too shitty of a PC to record ts3 in high quality with zero lag. BUT on christmas I bought parts and built an epic gaming rig capable of everything maxed that I've thrown at it (including BFBC2, Arma II, LFD2, Lead and gold, S.T.A.L.K.E.R) And etc.

Therefore I'm proud to say that I will be continuing to make sims 3 machinima AND a possibility of starting up TS2 again since I have the HD space.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween/JS Update


Only halfway done the Jersey Shore replica house. It would've been easier buut some objects in TS3 (such as STAIRS) are shaped so damn odd, that I had to shape the house a bit differently. Not enough that any viewer would notice, but enough to make me have to re-due things 100000 times.

Also, I'm not sure where half the bedrooms are located. There's this site which has panoramic views of the house, but it doesn't really help with things like hallways and room locations.

Haven't even started the Halloween special, but it'll be fast. Kat's writing a script-ish story thing for me :P SO I can just use that and record, which will be pretty easy I suppose! I'll work on that with the time I have free of today(3:43AM here at the moment) and get it done before the Halloween Party tomorrow :DDD I'll show it then, and we can all have many lulz v_v

I think I'll start the Xmas one in a few days. Because I hate having to rush xD

Pictures from part of the Halloween cast;

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I've got Late Night finally :P Just in the process now of figuring out which packages need to fuck off.

Alsoo some sims I'm going to have to most likely remake -.- Noticed problems with the muscle tone slider not working on a few sims, and I can't be arsed to figure out why. So I'll just remake them which will be a bitch to do, but Oh well.

Once all that is done I plan to start the Jersey Shore parody. It'll be easy, because most of it is just funny lines/scenes taken out of the show. Hopefully I can get that done today, then spend the time I have free on Friday and the weekend making the Halloween special.

If I can't get it done however, I'll just have to postpone it until after Halloween because what's the fun of a Halloween special AFTER Halloween D:?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Part four + new movie

I just finished part four of ULM :D. I seem to always be making them from 1-6am XD

We're also in the works of creating an epic sims movie :P. I know my current vids are quite great lol xD but not as great as they CAN be. I usually finish them within 4 or 5 hours all together if I'm working nonstop.

What we're planning is to spend the next year or so making and creating this great script, to go along with a wonderfully planned out movie. None of my current movies have scripts or are planned out. They're basically "OK I'LL PUT THIS ON ONE SCENE, AND THIS ON ANOTHER, AND WING THE REST". And in my opinion they come out pretty fine. Soo one can just imagine what we can create with all this time :P

I'll put out a few prototypes within the year, letting a select few give their input until we create a piece of art! And when we're happy with it we'll enter it in a few sims machinima contests/festivals. :D So look out for updates on that!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Today I was talking to Kat about the new Late Night expansion coming out in October, and somehow we came up with the idea to do a Jersey Shore parody once it comes out :DD

Clubbing, partying, booze, tans, guidos. IT'LL BE GREAT.

Sooo look forward to that within october/earlynovember.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fast Lane Stuff

Just got Fast Lane stuff :PP soo I won't be recording until Awesomemod is compatible with it.
I'm not sure how long that'll take but I'm ready to record ASAP. So I'll probably jot down the few ideas I have for the next EP before I forget.

If anyone else has ideas for future episodes, even past the Harvest Moon ones then throw me a shout. I'll most likely use it.

I don't know much about each episode before I record, I usually just wing it. But there is ONE THING that is sure-

There will be weeds.

ULM Part Three

Monday, September 6, 2010

Harvest Moon Movie

haaah! I've finally started my new movie :DDDD Most ep's will be themed :P First two were death note, aand the next will be harvest moon, and hetalia in the future.

It's not all LULZ like the past movies but I kinda like it better this way.

Some outfits so far !

They arn't supposed to look like the EXACT chars. But rather what UL would look like as them :D. Still a few more I have to take pics of ~~ I'll do that some time.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Aaron & Jacques

Je voudrais ĂȘtre une pomme~~:D

hooho! Neext are the rockstar duoo. Okay well. Ones a rockstar, the other a roadie.

They live together, in some giant mansion thingy, on the coast of the toown. Usually throwing big parties and such :)

They met while Aaron was on tour in France, he met Jacques and took him back home with him to be his roadie.

I don't know much about Aaron, seeing as I didn't make him XD What I DO know is that he's an insane rockstar. Usually rambles about nonsense. And wears sweat pants while swimming.

His creator Gke is over this waay~

He's originally not supposed to have ANY CC. But since I have default replacements, he has xD Here's how he's supposed to look without the custom content.

Buut if you wanted the other version you'll need

Skin :
Eyes :
Facial Hair default replacements :

Aaron Lava
Athletic, Charismatic, Great Kisser, Insane, Virtuoso


Jacques I actually made by accident XDD I was just messing around when making a few people in the cast, and I ended up to make this prettiful sim :"O. I didn't know where to put him in the movie though :S and I didn't want it to be a gigantic part. Gke said to make him a mime that'll scare the livin' shit outta Teddy G and I thought it was an epic idea XD buuut we don't have mime facepaint v_v So I made him a french roadie to Aaron! He can speak fluent english, but doesn't let anyone else know that :D

His haair I believe is from Buut I can't quite remember :S I'll update this if I find otherwise

Top: Store content
Wrist thing:
Ear Plugs:

I completely forget where the boots are from.

Jacques Potier
Computer Whiz, Flirty, Good Sense of Humor, Heavy Sleeper, Party Animal


DiQ & Teddy G : Double da Swagga

LAWL Ofc these two had to be first uploaded :DDD

DiQ has been passed on from movie, to movie, to story, to movie, just because he's that great. Props to Susan for coming up with the name :D!

It's pronounced Dee-Cue, but of course everyone calls him Dick.

He was created originally on the sims 2 for one EPIC movie we were gonna make, but eventually had to trash due to lag issues the sims 3 enjoyed giving me.


XDD I'm really hoping
he'll make a comeback on
one of our future TS2

The only CC on him is the paants which you can find here


Athletic, Hot-Headed, Hydrophobic, Kleptomaniac, Mean Spirited


Next up, DiQ's numba one hoomeeey Teddy G :"D

He's the complete opposite to DiQ. Teddy would rather use his words than his fists when it comes to scraps.

He won't fight, and he won't talk shit, EVER. DiQ tries to ignore it though, seeing as he's the only other person in his 'crew'.

We were talking on msn about what kind of people were needed for the cast, and I completely forget how he was made up, but I'm pretty sure I asked for moar fat people XDDD And Gke created this lovey sim.

Zero CC on Teddy wiiihihiiiih.

And you can thank Gke for making him.

Teddy G

Childish, Clumsy, Coward, Excitable, Over-Emotional,


Monday, March 1, 2010

Introduction to blaawg~

Heey :B

I've been thinking for a while to make a blog for sims. Since, my websites to annoying to keep track of, and sims3 website just sucks -.-

So! I'll be posting all my sims carp here. Including custom sims and houses I maake~ and movie updates, and wicked CC sites I find :D

Keep an eye out ;) Follow and comment or whatever if you feel like it.

Anyways. Short post, just an intro I guess. Cyaaa |D