Thursday, January 27, 2011

Woo more news :P

Got TS2, and TS3 currently installed :D Including all expansions and such. Now I've just gotta download the CC, but seeing as I'm with an asshole ISP I have a download limit every month. And I've already gone waaay over it for this month. The 5th it'll reset however, so yeeey.

I have a few projects in mind but the one I think I'll start with will be this mockumentary me and a friend always talked about doing. It'll be the made up comedic biography of a Japanese band, showing their touring life and such :D I'll be composing all the music for the film myself and hopefully if it doesn't turn out to be complete trash I'll enter it in a few machinima contests :P Soo if you're still keeping up with my projects keep a look out for that within the next few weeks. I'll be posting ideas/screenshots and whatever I can come up with if I happen to remember.


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