Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween/JS Update


Only halfway done the Jersey Shore replica house. It would've been easier buut some objects in TS3 (such as STAIRS) are shaped so damn odd, that I had to shape the house a bit differently. Not enough that any viewer would notice, but enough to make me have to re-due things 100000 times.

Also, I'm not sure where half the bedrooms are located. There's this site which has panoramic views of the house, but it doesn't really help with things like hallways and room locations.

Haven't even started the Halloween special, but it'll be fast. Kat's writing a script-ish story thing for me :P SO I can just use that and record, which will be pretty easy I suppose! I'll work on that with the time I have free of today(3:43AM here at the moment) and get it done before the Halloween Party tomorrow :DDD I'll show it then, and we can all have many lulz v_v

I think I'll start the Xmas one in a few days. Because I hate having to rush xD

Pictures from part of the Halloween cast;

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I've got Late Night finally :P Just in the process now of figuring out which packages need to fuck off.

Alsoo some sims I'm going to have to most likely remake -.- Noticed problems with the muscle tone slider not working on a few sims, and I can't be arsed to figure out why. So I'll just remake them which will be a bitch to do, but Oh well.

Once all that is done I plan to start the Jersey Shore parody. It'll be easy, because most of it is just funny lines/scenes taken out of the show. Hopefully I can get that done today, then spend the time I have free on Friday and the weekend making the Halloween special.

If I can't get it done however, I'll just have to postpone it until after Halloween because what's the fun of a Halloween special AFTER Halloween D:?